Who We Are

The KVERSITY-1st Edu-versity of INDIA is a painstaking work of day and night of four visionary persons who are leading the organization and yearn to educate the whole world, also under-privileged people of developing and under-developed countries for better life standards to provide them an essential education for life, the ability to harness the power of education and modern technology and the financial development by implementing their knowledge.

It’s a blend of multicultural societies and technical advancement led by highly qualified , experienced professors and scientists, macro & micro management & administration gurus having theoretical and practical knowledge of all kinds of subjects with unique success and rich experience of more than 20 years, who played an instrumental role in initiating this online system of education. They have already helped thousands of students and families to convert their dreams into reality. Now they have taken a big initiative to develop the masses internationally with determination.

Our Mission

KVERSITY’s mission is to provide online education & skilling innovatively to masses by our special online programmes rich in text, graphics and videos for better life standards, taking care of environment alongwith.

Our Vision

To become one of the best edu-versity globally by developing millions of the people around the world by providing essential skilling/education for their better life standards

Best Courses

The best courses on more than 200+ categories are available developed by highly qualified and happening teams around the globe.

Huge Library

A huge library with a depository containing thousands of references by leading academicians and engineers and management gurus

Social Media

Linking up all readers and learners via general and specific social media to exchange views and threading for future use.

Why Choose Us ?

Keeping fast paced developments in cyber world, it has become essential to provide education to cope with time and space
At KVERSITY we have 100% focus on especially online skilling and training in commerce, science, engineering and management from a little child to a highly learned person having a busrning desire to learn and deliver to the society.


Dr./Prof. Harwinder Karwal


Innovator and Entrepreneur Harwinder Karwal founded and building KVERSITY, an eduversity to educate masses with a vision of self-sustainable society and pollution-free environment. He holds Ph.D. in ADVANCED CYBER-SECURITY WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, MACHINE LEARNING WITH NEURAL NETWORKING and five Master degrees in Chemistry, Medicine, Education Computers, Business and Administration, thus a multidisciplinary freelance scientist and technocrat. With a proven executive management track record and over 25 years of experience driving innovation & growth in education and technology industry, he led the transformation into an enterprise-focused organization with highly engineered systems, which require deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries. Highly successful in building relationship with upper level decision makers, seizing control of critical problem areas and delivering on customer/client commitments-Turnarounds & Leadership, Acquisitions & Integrations, Organic Business Growth, Strategic Planning, P&L Management, Performance & Quality Standards, Customer Satisfaction & Allegiance, Leadership Development, Engineering & Manufacturing, Strategic Partnerships, Performance Cultures, Commercial & Customer Support etc.

With vast amount of patience and having special affinity for nature and sports, he is passionate about facilitating growth and learning among busy professionals, bringing ideas to the organization to grow it and move ahead in an original and compelling way. As a founder he is choosing and implementing underlying hosting techniques using most advanced software and instrumentation to build a self-sustainable society around the world.

Prof. Sunita Karwal

Co Founder

With differentiating traits like courage, agility, resilience and managing ambiguity, Sunita Karwal, Masters in Computer Science & History, an established academician, emerged as a visionary co-founder with surprising consistency; Worked harder and longer to get to the top with a slightly greater number of roles and functions; Driven by both a sense of purpose and achieving business results with proudest accomplishments; Engaging the power of teams, she kept scoring significantly higher than the benchmark group on humility; Indicative of a consistent lack of self-promotion, an expressed appreciation for others, and a tendency to share the credit; Provided leverage others to achieve desired results; Hitting business targets and seeking new challenges rather than on their personal career advancement remained her evident potential; Proved herself with precise, definable outcomes, with STEM and Financial Management capabilities proved as a springboard, crucial to success of the business; Courageous and able to successfully navigate uncertainty and ambiguity in a constantly shifting environment

A mentor and example playing an indispensable role, affirming potential to encourage more women to strive to become successful, later on, sponsoring modern leaders and actively help advance women’s careers. She is currently designing & applying specific programs for a list of beta companies eager to produce more women leaders.

Dr./Prof. Rahul Mishra FRSA

Chief Mentor/Co Founder

Dr./Prof Rahul Misra Ph.D. is a seasoned and accomplished professional academia and consultant having an experience of 23 years on global platform well recognized and frontrunner in forensic accounting and financial engineering. He is a qualified CFE CIA CFSA CGFM CFA from US apart from a qualified accountant from UK. He is also FRSA from UK recognized from his distinguished work in capacity building and professional education. He authored five books and taught in different parts of the world; served in capacity of director at board level in listed companies. A key enthusiast with an effort to make a planet a better place to live working on sustainable development and building capable population. His research focuses on global versus local marketing; finance & marketing strategy; innovation and market evolution; brand management; and global customer management. He has been a strong advocate of local marketing by global corporations. His writing and consulting in multinational marketing has focused particularly on brands, and relationships with local sales and distribution units. Prior to starting KVERSITY, he was a prominent academician who lead world’s finest institutes like Harvard university. Numerous research papers go into his credit. A key person who played an instrumental role in launching 1st Edu-versity for masses the KVERSITY.

Mr. Premnath Shukla

Director – Stratagic Relations

Mr. Prem Nath Shukla is a strategic leader having more than 20 years of experience in designing a strategy involving a great deal of risk and resource assessment, ways to counter the risks, and effective utilization of resources all while trying to achieve a significant purpose. He has a huge potential to fulfil the purpose for the existence of the organization by aligning internal resources and external environment achieving a goal in rational expected time. Undoubtedly, he always takes care of huge underlying investment of resources, strategizing for successful working internally, as well as to get feasible returns on the expended money. While putting light on risks and market trends, he incorporates preparation for future opportunities; making way for the organization to analyse, examine and execute administration in a manner that is most likely to achieve the set aims; he has mastery over setting goals while outlining primary issues at parallel and setting internal environment and being flexible to the external changes towards achieving the objectives. Actuality, he is the essence of our absolute administration system. He has embedded strategic management in our whole complex organizational structure and extreme regimentation. at every tier. His valuable strategies assist in cutting back costs while motivating and gratification employees, countering threats and better converting these threats into opportunities, predicting probable marketing trends and improving overall performance. He is a strong and continuous motivator while keeping in mind the long-term benefits to organizations, his strategic planning drives to focus on the internal environment, through encouraging and setting challenges for employees, helping them achieve personal as well as organizational objectives.

Baljit Singh Nanhar, USA Canada, India , Punjab
Baljit Singh

Advisor (Global Education)

Baljit Singh Nanhar is a hotelier and a premium Business Consultant to Hotels and Educational Institutes in India and Canada is playing a pivotal in online education to the masses with KVERSITY as a Global Advisor.

Started his career in the year 1998, while passing his masters in the English Language, he started his career as an English language teacher in a convent school, then switched to IELTS training and student visa consultancy in India and thereafter in Singapore. He worked with reputed educational groups in Canada, Switzerland, Australia and other parts of the world.

After coming back from Singapore, he also worked at reputed positions such as Additional Director, Deputy Director, Director in various educational groups in the segments of admissions and international affairs. His experience and expertise in dealing with business organizations took him to the professional of business consultancy to the reputed education groups and hotels.

At present, he is running hotels in Canada and also provides his business consultancy to hospitality and educational groups.

Dr./Prof. Aper Apar Singh

Director Business

An organized and creative professional with proven healthcare & marketing skills and desire to learn more. Possess 15+years of experience working for diverse group of organizations and clients. Gained expertise in education, data analysis, publication marketing and web-based advertising. Looking to utilize his skills to educate masses through Kversity.


  • M.D. (Alternative Medicine) from University of Colombo
  • M.S.(Biophysics) from Panjab University
  • B.S.(Biophysics) from Panjab University


Chief Advisor, AVAPTECH SOLUTIONS, June 2008–Present

BUSINESS LEADER & CONSULTANT:  15+ years of experience across Healthcare/Wellness industry, in growth, turnaround and start-up phases:

-Strong results orientation
-Ability to challenge conventional wisdom and create solutions
-Ability to build and lead large teams to launch new products, capabilities and services
-Inspiring leader and communicator – successful in recruiting, managing and retaining talent
-Strong negotiator focused on structuring win-win partnerships

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES: continuously conducting for strengthening skills of teachers for better results, personality development, communication skills; for efficient student & human resource handling for better adaptability

Specialties: Team building, Organization transformation, Change management, New customer acquisition, Sales force management, Marketing communications, Direct marketing, Product development, Product management, Usage and retention, Business development and partnerships


LECTURES TO BIG MASSES: Nutraceuticals/Probiotics and Chemistry of Modern Degenerative Diseases


Dr./Prof. A.S. Bhamra

Advisor (Intellectual Property)

Dr. A. S. Bhambra earned his master’s in management from Benaras Hindu University, and has his career spanning more than three and half decades in academics and administration of educational institutions, eg. Gauhati University, Guwahati, Punjabi University, Patiala (Damdama Sahib Campus), SBBS Institute of Engineering & Technology, Apex Institute of Management & Science, Jaipur, Apex Group of Institutions, Jaipur, Maharishi Arvind Institute of Science & Management, Jaipur, SBBS University, Khiala, Punjab. Dr. Bhambra has functioned as Professor, Dean, Registrar and Director in various educational institutions. He has also assisted several societies in setting up private universities and colleges.

With specialisations in Finance & Accounts, Dr. Bhambra has gained expertise in curriculum development & execution, establishing institutions in backward areas. He has also authored several books and research papers.

Dr./Prof. Amandeep Singh

Advisor R&D

Dr./Prof. Amandeep Singh doctorate in Computer Science, is an established programmer and academician who has trained hundreds of top notch managers and teachers globally the globe in his  career spanning one and a half decades, Starting off as a Teacher and gradually advanced as a Trainer with companies like Mexus Education, TATA Interactive Systems, EZVidya, Intel Education, Next Education, Pearson Education & GEMS Education.

Inumerable,  sessions, seminars, training in India and abroad on Pedagogy, Class-Management, Innovation & ICT in Education, Robotics, Learning Management Systems, Assessments, e-Portfolios, etc. goes into his credit.

He has a vision to use this exposure as a trainer and manager, by interacting with 500+ schools over the years, that there is a need to create practical, usable eco-system for educational institutions that can enhance the way assessments, remedial, student profiling and experiential learning is perceived and done.

sales Raghvendra
Raghvendra Dutt Awasthi

Advisor (Finance)

Raghvendra Dutt Awasthi, a  Post Graduation in Eng. Lit. & Ancient History and  MBA – Finance, One-year Diploma in Journalism, One-year Diploma in Organizational Development, Specialisation – Group Process, Strategy & System Change, Organizational Leadership from the University of Allahabad.  He is an Award-Winning, entrepreneurial real-estate executive with 3 + years of mastery in a broad range of real estate and business competencies. A Proven leader and results-driven manager with demonstrated effectiveness in managing people, systems, resources, and finances while meeting goals and achieving success in sales and marketing, including market research, planning, promotion and sales management. A Strong motivator/team player with effective personal presence and exceptional ability to understand human interactions, facilitate teamwork, manage conflict, teach, coach, counsel. He is a leading financial advisor though but sees the quality of the content related to his subject and spreads our mission of education to masses with sensitization to built a self-sustainable society globally inculcating an ethical value system for better human culture.


Nisha Maharaj

Country Head (SA & Egypt)

No.1 Business Woman declared by the Government of south Africa. One of the biggest motivator for woman power in developing countries. She is a key person of KVERSITY filling spirit in every project. A seasoned business woman who has proven her metal in the ME countries strengthen the position of woman. The 1st person who started KVERSITY-the 1st Edu-versity for masses in South Africa and Egypt for the sustainable development of youth in far remote areas

Dr./Prof. Umesh Sehgal

Advisor R&D

Dr. Umesh Sehgal a key force behind all R&D in KVERSITY platform, is a world renowned scientist in Computational Sciences . Hundreds of Research Papers goes into his credit. At present he is heading Department of computational Science GNA University Pb. INDIA. He taught in a few reputed universities worldwide. He is an honoured member of worlds most popular Research Journals. He is a R&D Advisor and honourary management member of KVERSITY and its allied projects.

AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: Honor Member and Conference Chair SCD Government College, Ludhiana March 16th & 17th 2019.; National and International Compendium “Lifetime Education Achievement Award” 2nd Nov 2017, New Delhi; GNA University Contribution in Research “Best Researcher Award” 16th Sept 2017; International Business Council and Govt of Commerce Society “Indira Gandhi Education Excellence Award” 5th August 2017; International Business Council “Bharat Vidya Shiromani Award” 3rd June 2017; Indian Solidarity Council, “Rashtriya Vidya Gaurav Gold Medal Award “10th April 2017, in New-Delhi; International Institute of Education and Management, “Best Educationist Award and Certificate of Education Excellence” 10th April 2017 in New Delhi; Honor Member to Inauguration ESPHE2k17 Roorkee Engineering and Management Technology Institute, Roorkee March 18th, 2017 REM Tech Auditorium;

EDITORIAL & REVIEWER BOARD COMMITTEE MEMBER: International Journal for Research in Science Engineering and Technology; International Journal of Engineering Science; International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology; IRA Publications (IRA PUB); International Journal of Computers in Clinical Practice” (IJCCP). (International IGI Global indexing); International Journal of Computer Science and Network” (IJCSN). (NISCAIR); International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering” (IJCSE) (Thomson Reuters); International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing” (IJCSMC) (Scopus);

Dr./Prof. Amar Singh Azad

Advisor R&D

A highly experienced Clinical Doctor, Research Scholar, Revolutionist & Academician; MBBS; MD Paediatrics; MD Community Medicine from Government Medical College Patiala-affiliated to Punjabi University Patiala. A key advisor to KVERSITY in promoting complete health through Natural Ways.


Director-Health-charitable NGO named Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust, which helps poor patients and students. We have a project ‘Sadi Sehat Sade Hath’, under which he educates the people to take control of their health-based on concept of holistic approach of health;  Diabetic Educator-
Indo-Vietnamese Board, under which I teach people to cure themselves of their Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart and Blood Vessel Disease and other Chronic Diseases through Dietary Modifications and other aspects of their life; Chief-Consultant Baba Farid-Centre for Special Children-an NGO running four centres for Autistic & Mentally Retarded children;Director-Centre for Environmental Health Research and Action which is part of Kheti Virasat Mission which is actively working in the field of organic farming, environment and ecological issues for the last 10 years. Based on extensive Community based research he has raised many vital issues of Environmental Health Research-prevalence of cancer is higher in Punjab- established high levels of Uranium in the environment of Punjab-which have been authenticated by BARC research.


Junior Residency cum Senior Research Fellow CSIR (1.1.1972 to 31.12.1975) • Registrar-Community Medicine -Research cum teaching post (1.1.1979 to 14.08.1981) • Medical Officer/ Senior Medical Officer/Chief Medical Officer in Punjab Civil Medical Services from (1.1.1972 to 31.07.2007) in all types of Government Health Institutions  • Assistant Professor in Community Medicine from July, 2008 to June, 2010 • Senior Medical Officer in charge of Anti-Retroviral Treatment Centre Government Medical College Patiala from 2010 to 2013 • Principal Investigator for a study “Effect of Yoga therapy on Stress and Quality of life of Caregivers of Subject suffering from Autism” • Principal Investigator on “Environmental Toxicity in Punjab-It’s Relationship with Human Health-A Case Study of Six Villages.” funded by Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar • Director of a Charitable Hospital in Dirba, District Sangrur-Punjab since October, 2013 to December, 2014.

Dr. Sandeep Kaushal

Advisor (Edu.Philosophy)

Prof./Dr. Sandeep Kaushal, doctorate in Education and Counselling, having over 20 years of experience in teaching, learning and technology in higher education in various countries. He is an experienced instructional designer, creator of tutorial and video development, program development and assessment, face-to-face and online development and training. He has experience in both higher education and industry. Kaushal’s research interests range from the effectiveness of new technology and learning to media literacy, executing in various institutes of Punjab University, Chandigarh India and Canada. Professor Kaushal’s research explores the personal, social, political and pedagogical articulations of scientific knowledge and technologies in educational settings and contexts. Such settings include the public sphere, cultural institutions-music and vocals in pop and Indian classical, new social movements, schools and universities. His teaching, research and writing are informed by a commitment and belief in the importance and hopes of knowledge and education building a more wondrous, humane, diverse, equitable and just world. He is irresistibly curious and likes to engage with educators in a diversity of contexts and settings in research projects in student and parent psychology. The experiences of his research projects continue to shape his thinking and research.His pedagogical orientation is deeply interested in what it means to be introduced into the experiences, politics and histories of the field of early childhood amidst the pressures of the currencies of our times.

Khalid Saleh Hussein

Country Head-Ethiopia

Khaled Saleh hussein  was born in Yemen and completed his high school in IGCSE in 2007 . He took studies in Lancaster University, Malaysia. He did his higher studies in management information system in one of the top universities in middle east Lebanese international university and graduated in 2012 and started my journey in banking industry as marketing specialist and worked as a head of research and development and at the same time he completed his masters in Business Administrating(MBA), his main achievement was introducing and implementing mobile money on the Yemeni market. On 2015 he started his own business in Ethiopia (Go Tech) focusing on telecommunication sector and today his company GoTech is one of the top 20 companies providing value added service and building content. He is a key member of core management of KVERSITY and started promoting education to masses in Ethiopia by promoting online academic and skilling courses, woman-empowerment, generation of employment by entrepreneurship programs, sensitization of people to keep their environment green and clean by taking care of Flora & Fauna.

Prof. Satinder Kaur

Director – Education (Canada)

Satinder Gill has been associated with some of the finest educational institutions across the globe, in the capacity of a Language and a Life skills Coach besides helping students and professionals traverse the topography of the Creative Writing process. She has also worked as a Consultant with some of the finest schools in India and abroad and conducted several Creative Writing Workshops in India, Thailand and Canada. She proved to be an excellent mentor of students to make then successful in personal and professional life. She has several success stories to her credit. She keeps our team motivated always making then efficient in their specified tasks

Prof. Chandandeep S Thind


Prof. Chandandeep Singh Thind is one of the finest faculty and programmer of KVERSITY from USA. He is M.Sc. (Computer Science)-CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LONG BEACH, CA, USA; Associate of Science-Computer and Information Sciences-CERRITOS COLLEGE, NORWALK, CA, USA


Programming Skills: Python, Java, C++, HTML, SQL, CSS, SDLC, Scrum, Agile, OOP, GUI, Microsoft Office.

Software/Platforms: Android Studio, Eclipse, Net Beans, MySQL Work Bench, MS office suite, Microsoft Visual Studio, GitHub, Notepad++, Code Blocks, ANTLR, Borland C, Dev C++, FPGA / Xilinx board.




INDIAN NAVY, INDIA-Senior Information Technology Specialist (Western Naval Command HQs, Mumbai


Database Architecture-Spatial Database Query System for a Restaurant; Android Memory Optimization; Software Engineering -Version Control System; Software Engineering–University Student Scheduling / Appointment Software; Topics in Distributed Computing-DDOS Prevention Techniques; Operating Systems-Load Balancing on Client-Server Web Application; Fault Tolerance-Reliability of Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers; Hardware Software Co-Design-Installing LINUX on to Xilinx Zybo Board; System on Chip Design-Audio Record and Playback using Xilinx Zybo Board;


CECS Outstanding Graduate Student (May 2020); CECS Outstanding Teaching Associate (May 2020); STEM Edison Scholarship Award (May 2017 & 2018); Certificate of Academic Achievement Award (May 18); Veteran’s Scholarship Award (Nov. 2017); International Students Scholarship (Dec.2016); President List – in all 6 semesters at Cerritos college; C-in-C Cash Award (Indian Navy)- January 2010; Proficiency Award (Indian Navy) – January 2011 & 12; Appointed once as President International Student Association Cerritos College; International student ambassador at Cerritos College; Interview published by Study USA magazine (June 2017); Member Phi Theta Kapa, Veteran, Computer Science club.

Dr. Pradeep K Nanglu

Country Head-USA

Double Doctorate, a renowned practical psychotherapist, a seasoned academecian, honoured with CCAPP Academy Directors Award 2019 (California Consortium of Addiction Programs And Professionals) USA. Currently working with Wellspace Health as Co-occurring Disorder Specialist in USA. He is a naturalist in real sense using plants in treating his patients. He has worked hard to roll on KVERSITY with his strategic advising. He is a key person who puts light on multicultural societal developments internationally.