CBSE-11 Mathematics

CBSE-11 Mathematics

CBSE-11 Mathematics

The Mathematics is about quantity, shape, space and change. Today, mathematics is integrated and closely tied into numerous professions. All technical development and modern disciplines are based on mathematical analysis and generalizations.
Chapter-1 Sets
Chapter-2 Relations and Functions
Chapter-3 Trigonometric Functions
Chapter-4 Principle of Mathematical Induction
Chapter-5 Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equation
Chapter-6 Linear Inequalities
Chapter-7 Permutations and Combinations
Chapter-8 Binomial Theorem
Chapter-9 Sequences and Series
Chapter-10 Straight Lines
Chapter-11 Conic Sections
Chapter-12 Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry
Chapter-13 Limits and Derivatives
Chapter-14 Mathematical Reasoning
Chapter-15 Statistics
Chapter-16 Probability
Appendix 1: Infinite Series
Appendix 2: Mathematical Modelling
Final Quiz



  1. Chapter-1 Sets

  2. Chapter-2 Relations & Functions

  3. Chapter-3 Trigonometric Functions

  4. Chapter-4 Principles of Mathematical Induction

  5. Chapter-5 Complex Numbers & Quadratic Equations

  6. Chapter-6 Linear Inequalities

  7. Chapter-7 Permutations & Combinations

  8. Chapter-8 Binomial Theorem

  9. Chapter-9 Sequences & Series

  10. Chapter-10 Straight Lines

  11. Chapter-11 Conic Sections

  12. Chapter-12 Introduction to 3D Geometry

  13. Chapter-13 Limits & Derivatives

  14. Chapter-14 Mathematical Reasoning

  15. Chapter-15 Statistics

  16. Chapter-16 Probability

  17. Appendix-1 Infinite Series

  18. Appendix-2 Mathematical Modelling

  19. Final Quiz CBSE-11 Mathematics

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