CBSE-12 Chemistry

CBSE-12 Chemistry

CBSE-12 Chemistry

Food is made from chemicals. Many of the changes you observe in the world around you are caused by chemical reactions. Examples include leaves changing colours, cooking food and getting yourself clean. Knowing some chemistry can help you make day-to-day decisions that affect your life.

Unit-1 The Solid State
Unit-2 Solutions
Unit-3 Electrochemistry
Unit-4 Chemical Kinetics
Unit-5 Surface Chemistry
Unit-6 General Principles & Processes of Isolation of Elements
Unit-7 The p-Block Elements
Unit-8 The d & f-Block Elements
Unit-9 Coordination Compounds
Unit-10 Haloalkanes & Haloarenes
Unit-11 Alcohols, Phenols & Ethers
Unit-12 Aldehydes, Ketones & Carboxylic Acids
Unit-13 Amines
Unit-14 Biomolecules
Unit-15 Polymers
Unit-16 Chemistry in Everyday Life
Guess Quiz: Final Exams 2021 Term-1


  1. 1. The Solid State

    Solid-state chemistry lies at the heart of many significant scientific advances from recent decades, including the discovery of high-temperature superconductors, new forms of carbon, and countless other developments in the synthesis, characterization and applications of inorganic materials.

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