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  1. Ch-5 Bank Reconciliation Statement

    Objectives, 5.1 Need for Reconciliation 5.2 Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statement
  2. Ch-2 Theory Base of Accounting

    Objectives, 2.1 Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) 2.2 Basic Accounting Concepts 2.3 Systems of Accounting 2.4 Basis of Accounting 2.5 Accounting Standards Ch-2 Theory Base of Accounting
  3. IELTS Unit-V

    Grammar Unit-V Parts of Speech
  4. IELTS Unit-IV

    Grammar Unit-IV Sentence Structure Part-B
  5. IELTS Unit-III

    Grammar Unit-III Sentence Structure Part-A
  6. Ch-10 Systems of Classification

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  7. Final Quiz CBSE-6 Mathematics

    FINAL QUIZ Max. Time: 100  
  8. Ch-14 Practical Geometry

  9. Ch-12 Ratio and Proportion

  10. Ch-10 Mensuration