MCQ CBSE-6 Science L-16

Chapter 16: Garbage In Garbage Out

Choose the correct answer,

Q1. Which of the following can be recycled?
(a) Waste paper
(b) Leather shoes
(c) Animal waste
(d) Kitchen waste


Answer: (a) Waste paper

Q2. Out of these, which one is a non-biodegradable waste?
(a) Paper
(b) Faecal matter
(c) Aluminium foil
(d) Cotton


Answer: (c) Aluminium foil

Q3. 3’R’ means
(a) reduce, reuse and recycle
(b) rain, reuse and recycle
(c) rotting, reduce and reuse
(d) recycle, rain and rotting


Answer: (a) reduce, reuse and recycle

Q4. Which among the following will not pollute the soil?
(a) Aluminium foil
(b) Plastic
(c) Thermo Col
(d) Bread


Answer: (d) Bread

Q5. Rotting is carried out by
(a) microbes
(b) insects
(c) ants
(d) amoeba


Answer: (a) microbes

Q6. Materials that can be recycled are collected in
(a) Red bins
(b) Blue bins
(c) Yellow bins
(d) White bins


Answer: (b) Blue bins

Q7. Which one of the following will add to garbage?
(a) Wrapper of a biscuit pack
(b) Tin of a cold drink
(c) Syringe used by a doctor
(d) All of these


Answer: (d) All of these

Q8. Which one can be used for making manure?
(a) Earthworms
(b) Houseflies
(c) Eagle
(d) Crow


Answer: (a) Earthworms

Q9. Leaves falling from trees should be disposed by
(a) burning
(b) making compost by boiling and drying them
(c) making compost by vermicomposting
(d) any of these methods


Answer: (c) making compost by vermicomposting

Q10. Garbage from cities is collected at
(a) landfill areas
(b) riversides
(c) inside the ponds and lakes
(d) near every colony


Answer: (a) landfill areas